a few thoughts on time management

During the last several months I have had the unfortunate experience of going for long periods of time without internet and/or a (non-dinosaur) working laptop. I did have my Blackberry, which I am grateful for, but it's not the same. Eventually, I got used to not having the distraction of Photoshop, scrapbooking, etc... and simply put more focus on being Mama (the kids have been out of school a lot due to sicknesses or snow days, too) and full-time housekeeper. To tell the truth, I think I have even been dealing with a touch of depression, as well. This has been one of the most cold, dreary winters I can remember living through. Seasonal affective disorder anyone? Ugh. Winter sucks. I want to move somewhere where it's warm year round.

So with all this time being stuck indoors with really nothing to do but take care of my guys and the never-ending housework, it wasn't too very hard to manage my time and basically keep up with... things. But now that my laptop is working again, I've realized how easy it is to fall into the bad habit of spending way too much time on the computer when I should be doing other things! Not sure how I managed in the past, or if I've ever been able to manage it all very well at all, but time management is something I need to work on (again) because I hate the cycle I am seeing myself fall into. Even though I know this is something a lot of at-home moms struggle with, it feels so silly and trivial to type it all out.

With all that said, I am sort of on a mission to work out a daily schedule to help keep myself as much on track as much as possible. It is possible. It is doable.

Next post: recent scrapbook layouts

(geez, my writing feels rusty! publishing anyway! )

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Kim Jensen said...

Computer, TV, and napping are all huge time sucking drains for me right now. I have a hard time with the balance too. The napping is a winter/dreary weather thing for me mostly, and the TV is much more minimal when the kids are out of school, but the computer is pretty constant.

Sometimes I get into modes where I'm not on the computer much at all, and I get back into taking care of things around the house and such, but I don't seem to ever get into a balanced routine. Sigh.

Good luck with the schedule! I hope you get it figured out. And then tell me how!