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Sheesh! Suppose people will get tired of me and my layouts, huh? LOL I'm on a roll this month. I've sort of gone into overdrive creating layouts for PixelWorks. It's been fun, not complaining. I just don't know how people who are on 5, 6, 7, or 8 times seem to keep it all balanced so well (there's that *B* word - the one that haunts me)! Anyway, I haven't posted them all on the blog, but if you're interested in seeing them all, here's my gallery @ The Lilypad.

Here are my latest two layouts, done for a couple of the challenges over at TLP... (click the layouts for credits)

"things I love about fall"



Thanks for looking! Comments, constructive criticism, etc... are always more than welcome!


I appreciate the nice things that were said about my doodles. I guess I am my own worse critic (aren't we all?). The action used is for CU, and since I'm on the team, I need to ask and check the TOU to see if it is OK to share what I have made. If it is, then I will share. :)


I'm ready for a blog makeover! It occurred to me earlier that it is time for me to overhaul the look of my blog. I had hoped to work on it tonight, but my baby came home with an upset belly, he's not sleeping well tonight, and I think he'll end up missing school tomorrow. He just so happens to have a field trip to a farm/pumpkin patch so needless to say he is upset over that, too.

So, I think I will take it easy tomorrow, and in between nursing the little guy back to good health I am going to try to find some ideas and figure out what I want to do. Not really a whole lot you can do with blogger anyway. :) But I'm so eager for a change!!!

Thanks for reading and maybe by the next time you stop in, there will be a new look. Wish me luck!

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Tania said...

You know I love those!! I'm loving all the scrapbooking you are doing and yay for blog makeovers!!