october challenge layouts & more

So it seems like I came down with whatever the boys had a few days ago - it went beyond just a "funky feeling" to say the least. Fortunately, hopefully, the worst of it has past because the belly is already starting to feel a bit better tonight. Twelve hours of sleep last night (with a few interruptions), lots of rest today (and lots of scrapping haha...) seemed to be the best medicine. 

The blog makeover is still on hold (mostly because I just don't know what I want - just that I want to change the look). Hopefully I will find the direction I want to go soon. So to fulfill my creative urges, LOL, I've done a bit of scrapping the past few days instead. Two are for challenges at SBG, and one was just for fun.

First up, my favorite, is one that I did for the October Frameworthy Challenge Part 1 @ SBG. This was my first time participating in the Frameworthy challenge, but I had a lot of fun trying out a new medium, forgetting some of the rules I always try to adhere to when scrapping, and just having fun doing something a little more quirky. 

People don't realize how much drama happens in a house full of boys... (click for full credits)10-02-2010-dramadept

Next up is the layout I did for October's I Can Use That Font Challenge @ SBG. My favorite fonts seem to be those that are big, chunky and suited more towards titles, so this month I mixed things up and went with a handwriting style font for the challenge. Come and play with us!! Please???

Scrapping for Inky gives me a chance to use things I ordinarily wouldn't be able to use...
Other than the font, everything here is from Studio Manu's Harmony Page Kit. It's so beautiful and elegant.

Next up is the layout I created just because I wanted to scrap these pictures that I took of Jace while we were waiting for Jared's cross country race to start. Sometimes he is a good sport for photos, and doesn't act too totally goofy! LOL (click for full credits)


Thanks for looking! My next blog post will be something besides layouts, I promise! :)

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