some designing is better than no designing...

I didn't blog about it here, but last month everyone in our family of six came down with the flu and for some reason I have been having a heck of a time catching up and getting back on the ball (if I ever was "on the ball" to begin with LOL) with everything. Laundry, other housework, paperwork, email, designing, and the list goes on. Yesterday I took another little time out from spinning in circles and sat down to do a little last minute designing in order to have a new product out for Lost & Found Thursday @ FPD. So without further ado... "mixed paints alpha" is brand new in my shop today! It was made to match last week's release, Primarily Educational, although it could very easily be recolored to match whatever kit you're using. The best part about today's release is that mixed paints alpha is just $1 for today only!

mixed paints alpha (primarily educational)

And look! I scrapped a page to boot! Unfortunately my patience with my camera early in the morning is not so great, but I did what I could to fix the kiddos' back to school pictures so I could scrap them. Gotta love Photoshop, huh?

This layout shows mixed paints alpha in action, and also used in this layout is last week's release, Primarily Educational...

back 2 school layout by Jessica

The above layout uses a free template created by my good pal, Tracy B.! Find it on her blog!

Thank you for reading, and may you have a wonderful rest of the week and a happy weekend! I'm off to match up socks, scrub the tub, and do lots of other not-so-fun stuff. 'Til next time!


Kim Jensen said...

You don't find matching socks fun?!! LOL I actually don't mind folding laundry too much, since I use it as an excuse to take a break from whatever else I was doing and sit and watch tv while I fold. Scrubbing the tub doesn't hold the same appeal though, since there's no tv in the bathroom. :-b

The new alpha is so cool! Love your layout too! LOL about the morning pictures! I'm always jealous of all those who have bright sunshine-y first day of school pics. It's so early for us that at that time of year the sun is barely up when we're getting our shots. Maybe I need to learn how to fake the light in Photoshop. ;)

Karen Bowers said...

glad you posted the alpha and its great price here or i would have missed the sale! thanks for a great new alpha!

and don't forget to put that brighten up winter alpha in the store. i still use it lots. if you can't find it in your files, i'll zip it for you.