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Wooohooo! Baseball season is underway for Jace and Joey! We are truly enjoying it this season, and I have to say that I am impressed with how much Jace has improved in just a few weeks compared to how much he learned last fall during "Fall Ball" (which was both boys' first season of playing baseball). Good coaches and lengthier practices seem to make all the difference. Joey has the same coaches as he did during Fall Ball, and we think they are great. Very enthusiastic and encouraging, which is just what Joey needs.

So between two sets of practices (and as of Saturday, two sets of games) life has been busy over the past weeks. But I have managed (some might say selfishly. LOL) to squeeze in some scrapbooking time here and there. And although I am frustrated because I need a new lens just for sports photography (and I know I have a 99.5% chance of NOT getting one), I am looking forward to taking many, many baseball pictures this spring and creating lots of baseball pages!

Speaking of creating pages, here are my latest layouts, oldest to newest. Links underneath each one will take you to the pages in my gallery at MyScrapbookArt if you are interested in supply credits or would like to leave a comment.

see page @ MSA

The above layout made it to the Gallery Standout blog on March 13, 2010! Totally made my day! see page @ MSA

Joey was a little sad because I "never make pages for him" (not true), so I wanted to make something special to show him when he got home from school that day. He was pleased with my usage of green (his fav color) things and told me he loved it. That's enough to warm my heart for a while.
see page @ MSA

My oldest took a turn to ask me to make a page for him, and I was very flattered (at first.... read on) he'd ask me to do such a thing (after all he is embarrassed easily and is too critical of photos of him). Scrapping to his taste makes it easy for me to keep a page very clean and simple. Oddly enough, clean and simple is hard for me, but I like a challenge every once in a while! I also took the opportunity to do a bit of journaling, because it's been a while since I wrote him "a letter" so to speak, and felt like there were things I wanted to say to him. Mainly, that I love him but other stuff, too. ;) The sort of bursting-with-pride-feeling I had after completing this layout was busted when I showed it to him the next afternoon. He said "That's cool, but I meant that I wanted you to make me a web page."  LOL. Teenagers, I guess! See page @ MSA

0310-boysoutsideplay-DRsee page @ MSA

Before I wrap up this entry, do you remember the Girlfriends Collab kit (<---click for inspirational layouts) that I contributed to last year? Well, it's on clearance, so this is your last chance to buy it and it is 50% off until the end of the month. Only a few days left!!! It is a fabulous kit which was created with a lot of love by REAL friends! If you support friendship, then you should buy this kit (heehee) or if you like the fact that the kit will work fabulously with your Spring/Summer pics... you should buy it! 50% OFF!!!

Hope your week gets off to a wonderful start!


Tania said...

Happy Monday Jess! I'm glad to see you blogging again, now that I *hopefully* fixed that blog reader, I'll be keeping up with ya!

Kim Jensen said...

Your layouts are always so inspiring, Jess... wonderful use of color and texture, the perfect mix of elements, fabulous photos, and amazing composition. You may have trouble doing "clean and simple" but even your... um... "dirty and complicated" layouts show just the right amount of restraint. I struggle with that. I feel like I'm always pushing things over the top, but they don't look "done" if I try to hold back. :-b

ROTFL at your plug for the kit! :D