You know, there's nothing like four boys being on Spring Break (for TWO WEEKS) to turn your world upside down, just when your brain was needing a little more peace, tranquility, and order. Ugghhh. I'm in a bit of a funk. A rut. A bad place. But I think I'm on my way out. Fortunately, I found a little time (and mojo) over the past few days to create some layouts. That was good therapy. :) And this morning, those four kiddos went back to school (YAY!) and while I should have used every second of the day that they're out of the house to try and catch up on laundry and other housework ... instead I have spent the past hour and a half uploading my latest layouts to galleries, dropping some comments here (not enough though sorry!)and there, etc..., etc... What bothers me is how much time it takes me to do this sort of stuff (although, considering how easily distracted I am, I shouldn't be surprised). Is it just me? How much time do you allocate each day or week for layout galleries?

OK, on to the layouts...

Here's one for my oldest, Josh (credits here):

And one for my little girl, Inky (credits here):

Truth be told, I am really missing my boys. I can't say I miss all the bickering, fighting, and mess-making, but I miss there always being someone around who thinks I'm awesome and reminds me of that often. Most often it has to do with whatever I have just made them to eat, and it usually goes something like this: "Mama, you make the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches EVER! Man! You ROCK!" *wink* LOL I am kinda, sorta kidding about the PB&J part. Actually Jason recently replaced my oven control panel last week, so after more than a year of not being able to use my oven, I'm just getting back into baking... not so much desserts, because the only thing that keeps me from eating an entire pie or tray of cookies a day is not allowing pie or cookies to enter my house except on very special occasions. I have absolutely no will power when it comes to sweets. None. But when it comes to meals, I am having lots of fun trying out some new recipes and revisiting some old favorites. Cooking dinner is fun again! Boy was I getting sick of cooking only on the stove-top or in the crock pot! Perhaps I will share some of my favorites here soon. Or at the very least, photos.

Speaking of food, it is time for me to get my grocery list (not to mention myself) ready to go do a little shopping! Then back home to hopefully do the previously mentioned laundry/housework that I would love to get done before school is out.


Tania said...

I think if I actually added up the time I spent commenting and uploading, I'd be shocked. But I do try to do it in chunks. In the AM while drinking coffee I upload and check out blogs, if playing a praise game I'll just leave the one required comment. During my lunch break I'll go back and comment on my commenters, and get a couple more in the praise game. I'll do that again before bed. If I make the GSO I usually spend a bit more time giving comments back, because my views go up. Now, all this has changed because TLP is a commenting haven, I can't keep up over there! I'll get it.
Loving those layouts and I would love to see what you're cooking!

Kim Jensen said...

Wonderful layouts, Jess! I don't really have a set gallery routine. I try to return comments for anyone who has commented on mine, but sometimes I get so far behind that I just give up and start clean. I'm also making a point of commenting on any that I see featured on blogs (GSO, LYM, etc.) that especially grab me. So many truly stunning layouts that sometimes don't get much love.

I can't imagine a 2 week spring break. The 10 days we had was plenty long enough. LOL at the boys' compliments. Hooray for having your oven fixed! I'd love some new meal ideas. We are in a serious rut over here!

Melinda said...

I didn't used to mind uploading, but since I mainly do CT layouts now and they all expect linking to the products used it can get to be a real time hog, especially with all of the various galleries different rules about it. yeah, it's the having to link stuff that I hate :P

Most of the compliments I get are food-related too LOL No one ever says thanks for doing the dishes or washing my clothes for me today.

A year without an oven? I could hardly stand the week we went without ours when the bottom element burned out! New recipes are always welcome- bring 'em on!