Easter, in photos

Jace, for some odd reason, wanted me to take a photo of him with the deviled eggs.

My oldest son, Josh, and my mother, Nana.

My sister took over preparing the eggs for the egg hunt. She included a few surprises. LOL

One of the many overlooked eggs. Right out in the open, no less.

My sister, Wendi, did such an awesome job of hiding the much coveted golden egg that after a lot of searching the adults finally had to pitch in and help look for it, too. Jason finally spotted it and dug it out of the bushes for Joey, who then proudly proclaimed that he had found "the golden potato".

This is the face an eight year old will make after his little brother becomes the owner of the previously mentioned golden potato.

Because I am lazy and dreaded having to dig the boys' Easter baskets out of the attic, I splurged on cheap-o baskets for them this year. Because they were all alike, I personalized them with a simple name tag that I created with a modified journal box from Tania Shaw's Funk It Up kit.

It was a wonderful day! And I am pooped, still. Today was busy, although I didn't accomplish much. Tomorrow I am determined to make more happen, even if it means putting all these guys to work!


Kim Jensen said...

Sounds like a fun day! Love the personalized baskets!

Tania said...

The baskets came out great! So that first photo of Jace and the deviled eggs cracks me up!! Looks like a good time!

Melinda said...

Sounds like you all had a good time! I didn't even get the Easter baskets out at all this year- well except for the one Sarah has been carrying around for months since we used it as Baby Moses' basket at AWANA during bible character night LOL No eggs made an appearance at our house this year either except for the candy variety. I just couldn't bear the thought of dyeing eggs and then having to figure out to make them palatable enough that people other than myself would eat them :P