september's "I can use that font" challenge

I should have blogged this earlier in the month, but as everyone who reads this blog knows... I am a complete scatterbrain and failure at blog authoring. Although, I suppose it's better to do something late, rather than never. *sigh*

With that said, there are still a few days left to get in one the font challenge that I'm hosting at SBG so PLEASE come join us for a chance to win a $10 coupon to the Studio Collective. You know you wanna! :) 

Below are the layouts I've created using this month's challenge font, Sway:

My little Jace, last year. He's like a mini version of his Dad sometimes, but a whole lot more sensitive and sweet! LOL I've actually already shared this layout on the blog, but I failed to mention it was for the challenge. I love it so much though, so it's worth sharing again! Click to see it in the gallery, and a full credit list.


"Just a few of the things I love about you..."
Your gentle touches
(you often touch my arm, my nose, my hair
when we are having a conversation)
Your sense of humor
(You’re kinda silly! Here you are
pretending to eat a bunch of leaves)
You are creative, artistic,
and inventive!
You talk a LOT!
(everyone always says you are so quiet!
You actually talk a lot when you are home)
journaled bits around photos...
-love the dimples in your hands
-I love your sparkly hazel eyes!
-I love your freckles

My second for the font challenge is also not brand new, but this is the first time I'm showing it on the blog. This is layout for my cute little mess of a nephew's first birthday. I can't believe he will actually be TWO soon. Time flies by much too fast! Click to see it in the gallery and for the full credit list.


That's all for now! Hopefully there will be more to come later! Don't forget to come and play along in this month's font challenge for a chance to win a $10 GC! Just visit the challenge thread for even more inspiration using this month's font, Sway.

Thanks for reading!

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Tania said...

Love these layouts Jessica, these are so so great! And that messy baby, oh be still my heart, soooo cute!