"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference" - Winston Churchill

So true, huh? Originally, I was on a mission to find a quote that worked for the photo used in the layout below, but since I came across this quote again it's been my mantra - and so, I've been taking into consideration how my attitude affects everyone I come in contact with. Oozing friendliness and positivity isn't really who I am, but I'd like to not feel the way I do when out and about. So I'm trying to smile more. Usually people will give a little smile back! That feels better than the blank looks I usually get at the grocery store! LOL I even talked to strangers at Jared's cross country meet a few days ago. I know this probably sounds weird to anyone who isn't the introverted type, but for me it's a big step. And it's all for the sake of overcoming my shyness... one baby-step at a time.  


Credits: Divine Debris by Studio Gypsy; fonts are Phoenix, Tiza, and 01196f

Living with two teenagers (two male teenagers no less) is not so fun sometimes. On one hand, it's great to have two people who think they are a lot stronger than me and will open jars, carry heavy things, and do "difficult" tasks. They inform me of all the things I don't know (ha ha), and squeeze me nearly to death every time they hug me. LOL, those things are all kind of endearing and entertaining. I can even tolerate some of their bad habits and smells in the hopes that one day they will grow out of some of the not so pleasant stuff and eventually be molded into fine young men. But the BAD ATTITUDE that comes and goes. Oh.My.Gosh. Ugh. When does this end? My younger teenager is usually not so bad, but I can sense it building. The proof is in the above photo. He was irritated with me because I wanted to take his picture and he was hot and not in the mood (and I'm like "so, do I ever care if you're in the mood to have your picture taken?" LOL). Some days it is a struggle to not let the evil looks and bad attitudes affect my own state of mind, because then it's harder to say "this kind of attitude or behavior isn't acceptable" if I've lost my own cool. All this rambling to say that the above quote also applies to my teenagers and how I react to their bad attitudes. In the end, I hope they'll learn that it feels better to keep a positive and happy attitude towards the ones they love... even when they're being annoying!


Tania said...

I totally am effected when JT has a bad attitude. I REALLY have to try not to react and make the situation worse. I so relate to this!

Love that page! Joel walked in and was all, who's that handsome kid? LOL. He is SO handsome and looks so grown up!

Kim Jensen said...

I so hear you on the attitude thing, and I could write a book on that... but I'm too tired! LOL Love the photo and the page! Such wonderful grungy texture!