BIG (and kind of old already) news...

I should open by saying that blogging is definitely NOT my forte. Surely, that was already obvious to anyone who might be reading here! I've been trying to get around to blogging all week, but kept putting it off for one reason or another. The boys have been out of school for over two weeks now, and while most of them have summer activities to keep them busy for stretches of time during the day, I feel like I have spent far too much time having to taxi them back and forth throughout the day. Just as soon as my creative juices begin to flow, it's time to get up and go again!

So.... the BIG NEWS is that I am now selling my designs at Funky Playground Designs! After dropping out of the SYTYCD contest due to missing a deadline, I was presented with the opportunity to join FPD as a designer, and well... it was an offer I could not refuse! Not only is the store full of awe-inspiring, talented designers, two of my best long distance digi friends (shout out to my girls Tania and Tracy!!!) are also designers at FPD and we are planning to rock the socks off the place. ;) This is going to be FUN!

I started off the week by adding many of my all time favorite products to the shop along with one new kit, Unamused Boys (part two).

[My faithful fans may remember the first version of Unamused Boys, so please be assured that this is a totally new version of the kit. Nothing is revamped or reused from the first kit, although it will coordinate perfectly with all of the old papers and elements]

Unamused Boys

On a more personal note, I have to tell ya that my own boys played a large part in the creation of this kit and cheered me on throughout the process of the kit design. They are definitely my biggest fans! For me, designing a kit is a lengthy and tedious process as it is so I might as well take advantage of the fact that my boys are intrigued (most of the time!) by what I do and are eager to help in any way possible. Sometimes it's just easier to involve them in the process rather than try to push them away "so Mama can get some work done"! My younger two have already decided which elements and papers I am to use when I scrap their photos with this kit! But alas, there has not been time for scrappin'!

Fortunately the Eclectic Team was on hand to do their magic and create some inspiration pieces for you. Have a look for yourself and see how versatile Unamused Boys is...it even works for girl pages!

By Kimberly:

by Kimberly

By Cassie:

by Cassie

By Tania:

by Tania

By Melinda:

by Melinda

by Jenn:

by Kim:

Never fails, those girls blow me away with their talent to 1.) inspire me 2.) use a kit in ways I couldn't even have imagined!

Through tomorrow (Sunday June7th) all of my products will be 25% off (you will need to add something to your cart to see the discount).

I hope that with my next post, I will have a little more to offer my readers. *wink*

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Karen Bowers said...

hurray! you're back in the digiworld! it's been fabulous seeing what all you've got your gang working on! i loaded up some of my jess pages at FPD, too.

will wait impatiently to see the new kit.

still your crew,
karen (wren)